1910 – President Taft Comes to Town

President Watches two Games in one Day

The season (1910) started with President William Howard Taft coming to St. Louis to see the Cardinals and the Browns each play. He threw out the ceremonial first pitch and then watched the Cardinals take a 12-3 lead over Cincinnati. Then he heads to Sportsman’s Park for the Browns and Indians and play 14 innings and are forced to call it a tie due to darkness.

Six PA’s and NO official AB’s

One of the oddities to the season was Miller Huggins had six plate appearance in a game and didn’t record an official at bat with four walks, a sacrifice fly and a sacrifice hit. He finished the season with 116 walks for the most in the league.

Little Offense

The 1910 version of the Cardinals produce very little offense. Ed Konetchy led the team with 78 RBI’s, 16 triples, 157 hits and a .302 batting average. He is the first player in five years for the Cardinals to bat above the .300 mark for the year. Rube Ellis was the home run hitter with 4 homers for the season.

Main Starters

The starters were Ed Phelps at catcher, Konetchy at first, Miller Huggins played second, Mike Mowrey was the shortstop to complete the infield. Roaming the outfield was Ellis in left, Rebel Oakes patrolled center and Steve Evans in right.

7th Place Finish

The Cardinals were 35-41 at home and 28-49 on the road and finished 63-90 for the year for 7th place an 40.5 games behind the NL champion Cubs. The only team in the National League they finish above .500 with is the Phillies where they win 12 and lose 10 on the year.