August 11 in Cardinals History


Ed Karger, 1907, pitches a perfect game of seven innings. The game was shortened prior to start due to being a doubleheader. 

Hal Goldsmith is purchased in 1929 by the Cardinals from Newark of the International League.

In 1970, Carl Taylor pinch hits in the ninth inning with the bases loaded and hits the first pitch for the game winner as the Cardinals defeated the Padres 11-10. 

The Cardinals sign Steve Barber as a free agent in 1974. 

The Cardinals dip into the Mexican League and purchase Eric Rasmussen in 1982 from Yucatan. 

In 2002, the Cardinals unveiled the 11th statue outside Busch stadium – an airborne Ozzie Smith. 

Chad Allen is signed in 2005 as a free agent by the Cardinals. 

In 2015, the Blue Jays, Rays, Marlins, Mets, Indians, Cubs, Royals, White Sox, Twins, Cardinals, Diamondbacks, Mariners, Padres, Dodgers and Giants all win, making it the first time in the live ball era that every contest is won by the home team in a full slate of games.


  • Bob Scheffing 1913
  • Bob Stephenson 1928
  • Vada Pinson 1938
  • Sal Campisi 1942
  • Luis Melendez 1949
  • Bryn Smith 1955
  • Colby Rasmus 1986


Babe Adams 1906

Irv Higginbotham 1906

Harry Sullivan 1909

Bob Duliba 1959

Ron Allen 1972

Hector Cruz 1973

Steve Peters 1987

Ryan Jackson 2012


Walt Hunzinger 1948