December 16 in Cardinals History

Cardinals History on this Date

Trading History and Transactions

1940– The Cincinnati Reds purchased Tot Pressnell from the St. Louis Cardinals

1988– The St. Louis Cardinals traded Curt Ford and Steve Lake to the Philadelphia Phillies for Milt Thompson.

1988– The St. Louis Cardinals signed Bob Tewksbury as a free agent.

1997– The St. Louis Cardinals signed Kent Mercker as a free agent.

1999– The St. Louis Cardinals released Darren Bragg.

2002– The St. Louis Cardinals drafted Andy Cavazos from the Texas Rangers in the 2002 rule 5 draft.

2002– The St. Louis Cardinals traded a player to be named later and Luther Hackman to the San Diego Padres for Brett Tomko. The St. Louis Cardinals sent Mike Wodnicki (minors) (December 16, 2002) to the San Diego Padres to complete the trade.

2003– The Tampa Bay Devil Rays traded a player to be named later and Evan Rust (minors) to the St. Louis Cardinals for Tino Martinez. The Tampa Bay Devil Rays sent John-Paul Davis (minors) (December 16, 2003) to the St. Louis Cardinals to complete the trade.

2013– The St. Louis Cardinals signed Mark Ellis as a free agent.


Jack Barnett (1879)

Fred Wiginton (1897)

Tony Kaufmann (1900)

Bryan Anderson (1986)

Other Notables

Former players that died on this date are:

  • Debs Garms 1984
  • Ferdie Schupp 1971
  • Jack Himes 1949