January 2 in Cardinals History

The Cardinals borrow $10,000 to purchase the contract of Jesse Haines. Haines, a Future Hall of Famer, will pitch for 18 seasons for the Cardinals in 1920.

More on Jesse Haines:

By 1920 Jesse Haines was a starter and threw just over 301 innings with a 2.98 ERA.

Haines became a fixture in the Cardinals starting rotation in 1920. Despite a 13–20 record, he pitched 3012⁄3 innings, the highest output of his career, and recorded a 2.98 ERA.


The Cardinals, in 1941, purchased Bill Brubaker from the Pittsburgh Pirates.

The Cardinals purchased Hy Vandenberg from the New York Giants in 1941.

The Tigers traded Dick Egan to the Cardinals in 1965 for Glen Hobbie and Bob Lipski.

In 1991, the Cardinals signed Alex Trevino as a free agent.

The Cardinals signed Rich Loiselle and Jason Simontacchi as free agents in 2002.

The Cardinals, in 2003, signed Nerio Rodriguez as a free agent.


Steve Melter (1886)

Joe Lotz (1891)

Royce Clayton (1970)

Garrett Stephenson (1972)

Jeff Suppan (1975)

Eric Fornataro (1988)


Former Cardinals-Deaths

  • Bert Jones 1959
  • Glenn Crawford 1972
  • Gordon Slade 1974
  • Bill Beckmann 1990
  • Gerry Staley 2008
  • Jerry Buchek 2019