July 10 in Cardinals History

Cardinals History

In 1911, umpire Bill Klem stop the game between the Cardinals and Phillies and has a fan removed for being obnoxious and unruly. It is thought to be the first time a fan was escorted from a major league game. Usually, bodyguards were used to protect the umpire.

The St. Louis Cardinals, in 1913,  purchased Dick Niehaus and Wese Callahan from Battle Creek (Southern Michigan) for $5,000.

Rookie Johnny Stuart, in his second and third career start,  pitches two complete game victories at Boston in 1923.

The St. Louis Cardinals purchased Earl Smith in 1928 from the Pittsburgh Pirates.

Dodgers purchased Todd Cunningham from the St. Louis Cardinals in 2017.


Bill Schindler 1896

John Glenn 1928

Jermaine Curtis 1987



Alberto Rosario 2016


Art Rebel 2004