July 8 in Cardinals History

Cardinals History on July 8

1901- The fans are not happy as the fans turn on the umpire, Hank O’Day, because of some calls he makes. In the 8th inning, the Cardinals are leading 4-3, when the umpire calls two Brooklyn runners safe on the same play when both appear out. One of the runners ran 5-10 feet into the infield to avoid a tag on a weak grounder to first base. The second runner was clearly tagged out as he tries to advance to third base. The Cardinals argue vehemently. The fans toss bottles and jump from the bleachers to get their hands on the umpire. When order is restored, O’Day had a cut lip and both runners later score. The Cardinals lose 6-4 in the game and police had to escort the umpire to safety. It was the umpire’s birthday.

The Chicago Cubs purchased Lon Warneke from the Cardinals for $7,500 in 1942.

 The Boston Braves purchased Ken O’Dea in 1946 from the  Cardinals.

 Phillies purchased Blix Donnelly from the St. Louis Cardinals in 1946.

In 1950, It is the bottom of the ninth inning at Forbes Field, Jack Phillips, pinch-hitting for Murry Dickson, erases a three-run deficit with a walk-off grand slam off Harry Brecheen. The 28-year-old utility infielder, who will go deep only nine times in 892 major league at-bats, gives the Pirates a dramatic 7-6 victory over the Cardinals.

The Cardinals in 1961 release Darrell Johnson.

With the help of Stan Musial’s three home runs, the Cardinals soundly defeat the Mets, in 1962,  at the Polo Grounds, 15-1. ‘The Man’, who at the age of 41 becomes the oldest major leaguer ever to accomplish the feat, misses an opportunity for another at-bat in the ninth inning, when he is replaced by pinch-runner Bobby Gene Smith in the previous frame.




Ducky Holmes 1883

Ivey Wingo 1890

Clyde Barfoot 1891

George Fallon 1914

Eddie Phillips 1930

George Culver 1943

Lerrin LaGrow 1948

Jaime Garcia 1986



Ed Hock 1920

Walt Schulte 1920

Eddie Dyer 1922

Heinie Schuble 1927

Allen Watson 1993


Bill Hallahan 1981

Skeeter Webb 1986

Dick Gray 2013