June 18 in Cardinals History

On this date in 1987 and 2004, the Cardinals had walk-off wins.

For $2,500 the Cardinals bought Bob Harmon from Shreveport (Texas League) in 1909.

The Cardinals acquire Jeff Pfeffer in 1921 from the Brooklyn Robins for Hal Janvrin and Ferdie Schupp. 

The Cardinals deem is Charles Lindbergh Day in 1927 and the flyer helps the team raise the National League pennant. the Cardinals win 6-4 and it is the return of Rogers Hornsby. He had earlier been traded by owner Sam Breadon over a salary impasse. 

Bob Gibson’s Complete Games

  • In 1962, he lost a complete game 1-0 to the Dodgers as he went 8IP/3H/1ER/4BB/8K for CG #20 of his career.



The Cardinals pitcher Bob Bowman beans Dodger Ducky Medwick in 1940. The Cardinals had just traded him a week before. Bowman is accused of deliberately hitting Medwick as they had been seen quarreling in the hotel elevator before the game. 

2013- Clay Zavada is released. 

Tracking Musial’s Home Runs

  1. #85 was hit in 1948 facing Bob Newsom
  2. In 1952, Stan hit #215 off of Russ Meyer
  3. Windy McCall surrendered # 279 in 1954.
  4. #392 came in the 1st inning in 1958 with Don Newcomb on the hill.
  5. 1961- Musial smacked a solo homer facing Bob Friend for career #436. 


Lou Brock (1939)  Brock played 2,616 games and got 3,023 hits and batted .293 for his 19-year career. He was a six-time All-Star. In a unique (if incidental) accomplishment, Brock was the first player ever to bat in a major league regular season game in Canada.




  Andres Galarraga (1961) He became a Cardinal player in 1992 and broke his wrist as a pitch hit him. He didn’t recover until late in the season. Don Baylor, his hitting coach in St. Louis, became the manager the next season in Colorado and convinced them to acquire Galarraga. 




Jarrett Hoffpauir (1983) played sparing in 2009 and hit no homers and drove in 2 runs while batting .217.




Jay Von Noy 1951

Don Dennis 1965

Mike Barlow 1975

Stubby Clapp 2001



  • Murphy Currie 1939
  • Jimbo Harting 1941