May 28 in Cardinals History

This Date in Cardinals History

1956– The St. Louis Cardinals traded a player to be named later and cash to the Pittsburgh Pirates for Toby Atwell. The St. Louis Cardinals sent Dick Rand (October 12, 1956) to the Pittsburgh Pirates to complete the trade.

1960– The St. Louis Cardinals traded Dick Gray and Vinegar Bend Mizell to the Pittsburgh Pirates for Ed Bauta and Julian Javier.

1972– The St. Louis Cardinals traded Marty Martinez to the Oakland Athletics for Brant Alyea. Brant Alyea returned to original team on July 23, 1972.

1975– The Atlanta Braves traded a player to be named later and Ron Reed to the St. Louis Cardinals for Ray Sadecki and Elias Sosa. The Atlanta Braves sent Wayne Nordhagen (June 2, 1975) to the St. Louis Cardinals to complete the trade.

1978– The Pittsburgh Pirates purchased Dave Hamilton from the St. Louis Cardinals.

2006– The St. Louis Cardinals released Desi Relaford.

2013– The St. Louis Cardinals released J.R. Towles.

2014– Keith Butler has Tommy John surgery. 


art_lopatka  Art Lopatka (May 28, 1919 – March 10, 2007) was a left handed pitcher that played for the Cardinals briefly as he made his debut on September 12, 1945 and was traded after the season. His career mark finished at 1-1 with a 6.35 ERA and 17 strikeouts. 



KuzavaBob Bob Kuzava (1923) played 3 games at the end of his career with the Cardinals for 2.1 innings and a 3.86 ERA. In a 10-season career, he had a 49-44 Win–Loss record, 213 Games (99 Started), 34 Complete Games, 7 Shutouts, 58 Games Finished, 13 Saves, 862 Innings Pitched, 849 Hits Allowed, 427 Runs Allowed, 388 Earned Runs Allowed, 54 Home Runs Allowed, 415 Walks, 446 Strikeouts, 8 Hit Batsmen, 18 Wild Pitches, 3,748 Batters Faced, 1 Balk, a 4.05 ERA and a 1.466 WHIP.



  Bobby Smith (1934) was an outfielder that made his debut with the Cardinals on April 16, 1957. In his career he batted .243 with 13 home runs and 96 run batted in. 

JutzeSkip Skip Jutze (1946) was a catcher that debuted on September 1, 1972 with the Cardinals but was moved on before the start of the next season. He hit .215 with 3 homers and 51 runs batted in. 



DiFeliceMike Mike DiFelice (1969) made his debut with the Cardinals on September 1, 1996 and continue with them through the 1997 season as a backup catcher. His career numbers show he hit .236 with 28 homers and 167 runs batted in. 



JhonnyPeralta  Jhonny Peralta (1982) is a member of the St. Louis Cardinals after a lengthy career in Cleveland and Detroit. On November 24, 2013, Peralta signed a four-year contract worth $53 million with the St. Louis Cardinals. 



JavierJulian Julian Javier 1960 singled to right in his first at bat and finished 2-for-3  Boxscore




SalasFernando  Fernando Salas 2010 pitched one inning and allowed no hits Boxscore 




2017Pitcher John Brebbia faced one batter

2017Infielder Paul DeJong hit a pinch-hit home run in his first MLB at-bat.


Fred Smith died in 1901 and played 56 games and hit .182 for the Cardinals.

AndersonGeorge George Anderson died in 1962 after playing 31 games and hitting .295 for the Cardinals.




Harry Parker died in 1976. He was a right handed pitcher and finished 1-2 with a 4.89 ERA as a Cardinal.

DouthitTaylor  Taylor Douthit died in 1986. He played 9 years for the Cardinals and hit .300.