May 31 in Cardinals History

The Cincinnati Reds purchased Bill Hallahan from the Cardinals in 1936.

The Cardinals purchased Tony Freitas in 1936 from the Cincinnati Reds.

In 1999, after consulting a dugout TV monitor, Frank Pulli becomes the first umpire to use instant replay to make a call, changing Cliff Floyd’s fifth-inning home run to a ground-rule double in the Marlins’ 5-2 loss to the Cardinals. After the Pro Player Stadium contest, the National League League officials make it clear the use of technology should not have been used to reverse the call.



Ray Washburn (1938) made his debut in a Cardinals uniform on September 20, 1961, and continue to play for them through 1969. He pitched a no-hitter against the Giants on September 18, 1968. He won 72 games in his career and lost 64 while posting a 3.53 ERA and 700 strikeouts. 

Matt Bowman in 1991 was a Rule 5 pick-up in 2016 and is currently still on the major league roster of the Cardinals. 


Bill Greason 1954

Oscar Taveras 2014



Jimmie Wilson 1947