September 20 in Cardinals History

Cardinals History

1917– The St. Louis Cardinals drafted Earl Howard from Hagerstown (Blue Ridge) in the 1917 rule 5 draft

1931– For the first time in 19 years, Gabby Street appears in a major league game. The 48 year-old Cardinal skipper is 0-for-1, but the backstop displays his old catching skills when he nails Brooklyn runner Babe Herman trying to steal a base.

1993– The St. Louis Cardinals released Todd Burns.



Dennis Ribant 1941



Bill Richardson 1901

Mike O’Neill 1901

Stoney McGlynn 1906

Jack Knight 1922

Vince Shields 1924

Don Blasingame 1955

Ray Washburn 1961

Ron Willis 1966

Ray Stephens 1990

Mark Hamilton 2010