December 14 in Cardinals History


In 2000, the Cardinals third baseman Fernando Tatis and right-hander Britt Reames are traded to the Expos for right-hander Dustin Hermanson and left-hander closer Steve Kline.

The Cardinals agree in principle to a deal which sends 37 year-old Jim Edmonds and approximately $1 million to the Padres in exchange for minor league prospect David Freese in 2007.

December 14, 2017, the St. Louis Cardinals traded Stephen Piscotty to the Oakland Athletics for Max Schrock (minors) and Yairo Munoz.


Trading History and Transactions

1927– The  Cardinals purchased Frank Gibson from the Boston Braves

1933– The St. Louis Browns purchased George Puccinelli from the Cardinals

1949– TCardinals traded Lou Klein and Ron Northey to the Cincinnati Reds for Harry Walker

1964-The Cincinnati Reds traded Bob Purkey to the Cardinals for Roger Craig and Charlie James

1966– Cardinals traded Don Dennis and Walt Williams to the Chicago White Sox for Leland White (minors) and John Romano

1971– The Cincinnati Reds traded Danny Godby to the Cardinals for Carroll Sembera

1993– The Milwaukee Brewers traded Tony Diggs (minors) to the Cardinals for Ozzie Canseco.

The St. Louis Cardinals traded Doug Creek, Rich DeLucia and Allen Watson to the San Francisco Giants for Chris Wimmer and Royce Clayton in 1995.

Cardinals traded Armando Almanza, Braden Looper and Pablo Ozuna to the Florida Marlins for Edgar Renteria in 1998.

Cardinals traded Britt Reames and Fernando Tatis to the Montreal Expos for Dustin Hermanson and Steve Kline in 2000.

The Cardinals traded Jim Edmonds to the San Diego Padres for David Freese in 2007.


  • Jack Calhoun (1879)
  • Les Bell (1901)
  • Bob Weiland (1905)
  • Paul LaPalme (1923)
  • Sam Jones (1925)
  • Pete Whisenant (1929)
  • Ken Hill (1965)
  • Eric Ludwick (1969)
  • Marcus Jensen (1972)


  • Chappie McFarland 1924
  • George Gillpatrick 1941
  • Champ Osteen 1962
  • Roger Maris 1985
  • Larry Ciaffone 1991