January 28 in Cardinals History

1953- Cardinals owner Fred Saigh is found guilty of income tax evasion and is sentenced to a fifteen-month jail term, but will serve only five months at the federal penitentiary in Terre Haute, before being given parole for good behavior. The embattled Cardinal owner, under pressure of his franchise being taken away by MLB, puts in place a lucrative deal with a consortium that plans to move the team to Houston, but is persuaded to sell the team for less (3.5 million) to Gussie Busch, when the Anheuser-Busch president persuades him that civic pride was more important than financial gain.


  • Bill Doak  (1891) Doak made his most lasting contribution to baseball by innovating the design of the baseball glove. In 1920, he suggested to Rawlings that a web should be laced between the first finger and thumb, saying it would create a natural pocket. The Bill Doak glove soon replaced all other baseball gloves and is the standard to this day.
  • Pat Crawford   (1902) 
  • Lyn Lary (1906)
  • Bill White (1934) 


  • Jake Thielman 1928
  • Al Strueve 1929
  • Steve Melter 1962
  • Bobby Young 1985
  • Stan Partenheimer 1985
  • Rocky Bridges 2015