January 8 in Cardinals History

2002- Ozzie Smith is elected to the National Baseball Hall of Fame

The former scouting director of the St. Louis Cardinals, Chris Correa, pleads guilty to five charges of hacking following an investigation by the FBI over allegations that the Cards had spied into the Houston Astros’ scouting database in 2016.


  • Chauncey Fisher 1872
  • Walker Cooper 1915
  • Ralph LaPointe 1922
  • Bruce Sutter 1953
  • Bryan Pena 1982


Harvey Haddix (1994)


Other Baseball History

1898 – National League president Nick Young announces the more experienced umpire will stay behind the plate when the new two-umpire system is instituted. Previously, the single umpire would stand behind the pitcher only with men on base.

1953 – The Cleveland Indians bar night games with the St. Louis Browns due to St. Louis owner Bill Veeck’s refusal to share receipts of the game telecasts.