November 28 in Cardinals History


The Houston Astros traded Ray Busse and Bobby Fenwick in 1972 to the Cardinals for Skip Jutze and Milt Ramirez.

The Cardinals signed Bryn Smith as a free agent in 1989

The Atlanta Braves traded Ramon Caraballo to the St. Louis Cardinals for Aldo Pecorilli in 1994.

2001- Cardinals signed Gabe Molina as a free agent.

 Cardinals signed Gary Bennett, Eli Marrero and Kip Wells as a free agents in 2006.

In 2008, Adam Kennedy ends his seven-year tenure with the Angels, signing a $10-million, three-year deal with the Cardinals. The former Redbird farmhand will be reunited with David Eckstein, the second baseman’s double-play partner during the 2002 World Series championship year in Anaheim.



  • Heinie Peitz (1870)
  • Stan Yerkes (1874)
  • Lynn King (1907)
  • Bill DeLancey (1911)
  • Corky Withrow (1937)
  • Sixto Lezcano (1953)
  • Craig Wilson (1984)
  • Carlos Villanueva (1983)


  • Elmer Miller 1944
  • Bill DeLancey 1946
  • Ed Mc Farland 1959
  • Herb Bremer 1979