September 5 in Cardinals History

1901– Bill Magee sent from the St. Louis Cardinals to the New York Giants in an unknown transaction.

1935– Terry Moore has a perfect day, going 6-for-6 in consecutive trips to the plate. The Cardinal rookie has nearly a third of the Redbirds’ 19 hits in the team’s 15-3 rout against Boston at Sportsman’s Park.

1974– The St. Louis Cardinals traded Orlando Pena to the California Angels for a player to be named later. The California Angels sent Rich Hand (October 15, 1974) to the St. Louis Cardinals to complete the trade.

1974– The St. Louis Cardinals selected Ron Hunt off waivers from the Montreal Expos.

2016– Carson Kelly hits a line-drive double for his first major league hit in the eighth inning, and then scored his first run.

Baseball History

Larry Hesterfer of the New York Giants hit into a triple play in his only major-league game. He is the first player to hold that distinction (batter, runner or fielder) of being involved in a TP in his brief cup of coffee.


  • Bill Chambers 1888
  • Ody Abbot 1888
  • Ernie White 1916
  • Jeff Brantley 1963


  • Ralph McLauren 1908
  • Howie Jones 1921
  • George Kernek 1965
  • Leron Lee 1969
  • Ken Reitz 1972
  • Mike Tyson 1972
  • Rod Brewer 1990
  • Geronimo Pena 1990
  • Mike Perez 1990
  • Shelby Miller 2012
  • Carson Kelly 2016
  • Breyvic Valera 2017


  • Bill Popp 1909
  • Dots Miller 1923
  • Bill Ludwig 1947
  • Jqck Fournier1973
  • Ron Davis 1992
  • Buddy Blattner 2009

Tracking Musial’s Home Runs

  • 1949- career #138 was hit facing the Pirates and Murry Dickson with a 3-run homer in the 1st inning.
  • In 1950. he smacked #169 facing the Cubs and Johnny Schmitz.
  • In Chicago, he hit #205 against Bob Rush in 1951.
  • 1953- #257 was a solo home run aganst Milwaukee.